Murder in all Sizes and Shapes

Posted on October 19, 2012 by


Mrs. Thomas’ missing person flyer days before she was found dead.

There’re many who would like to think that a life free of murder is written in stone on their behalf and that dreadful act is far from their front doors.  In reality murder lurks in the human mind like the thoughts of a terrible stormy day after a sunny one.  That’s why CASK, in 1991, posed the idea, “DON’T KILL; THINK!  Too often people find themselves caught up in overpowering situations and when these situations occur, seemingly, there’s no one to turn to.

The most powerful tool that’s available to humanity is ready to serve in an instance.  Think, rely heavily on your own mind initially; but always seek professional help.  First and foremost think about everything: your spouse, children, family members, friends, and extended families – society and self.  Always, when in these situations, think about what’s actually happening and are you the one at fault?  Think; there’re some things done to a victim that’s so devastating that he or she finds it impossible to return their trust.

Never think in terms of ownership when thinking about another person; G’d owns him or her and one doesn’t.  Think about one’s inner powers, with the help of G’d one must rise out of any situation; true victory is with one and isn’t with the death of another.  Never think that one could have this or that if another is dead; the mere thought is MURDER!!!

Distant view of where Mrs. Thomas’ body was discovered.