Trayvon Martin: We Are Watching Your Back!

Posted on October 23, 2012 by


Trayvon’s family, supporters, Sandford, Fl officials, and Attorney Crump.

It’s amazing to the see how methodically Zimmerman’s attorneys are, as they work to defend him on all levels, searching for things, in his defense, even as small as Trayvon Martin’s school records.  They want to shift the public’s opinion about Zimmerman’s conduct away from him to Trayvon Martin (the victim).  Trayvon Martin a young kid, accosted, attacked, and killed for nothing more than being a black-American.  Which brings an interesting fact; black-Americans are, in fact, law respecting citizens, hard-working, and wants the same things other Americans want.  They haven’t always gotten the best images from media and other social organizations when caught in the wrong, but overwhelmingly, they love America.  For decades, young black-Americans have, relentlessly, come under attack simply because they’re different; they don’t want to live their lives like that of young white or any other kids.  This is wrong and must stop; we live in a free society and no one has to live like his or her neighbors.  For America to truly become a land of freedom everyone must respect the differences that we all bring to the table.  Millions of young black Americans are treated like third class citizens or worse every day.  In fact, they’re the ones under social attacks and are in need a liberator.  Why are they under attack?  As they become of age and want jobs America fails them, thereafter any kind of frustration renders them as disrespectful and anarchists.

Trayvon Martin was a member of this American profile which placed him in an arena as “fair game”.  No one was supposed to even care; the public outcry about his murder was an evolution.  I dare Zimmerman’s lawyers approach Trayvon Martin’s persona in search of any further cases of harm to him and his family.  These lawyers are disgusting; they’re at the summit of hate and bigotry.  As they’re conducting their air raids; they’re also forgetting the high standards of their own profession by adding their racist attitudes as a defense for their client’s case; under all circumstances, racist shouldn’t have a place in America’s courts.  In this case, Zimmerman’s lawyers are practicing racist and bigot law and they must be charged and brought before the court; if they are, we’ll witness an evolution in America’s judicial system. Trayvon Martin case is evidence that most AA who are prosecuted and found guilty didn’t have lawyers who would do anything in their defense.

Yes, Trayvon Martin was murdered for being black in America.  Judge Nelson is sensitized towards the defense in that; the earlier judge was removed for being sensitive toward the victim.

Click here for a court case update about Trayvon’s Facebook, Twitter, and school records.