#Memphnesia: Back to the Future: No New Taxes!

Posted on October 24, 2012 by


I’ll lose friends, but this is an important issue, if you vote to raise your taxes then you’re silly.  Politicians encouraged us to do this once before with the Wheel Tax, that was sold as temporary, back in the 70’s.  Now they’re encouraging us again with two taxes; they know that we have a serious case of #memphnesia.  I know of people who once stool with the poor and helpless are now siding with the promoters of these new taxes.  Why, because they’re getting something out of beating down the poor, whom they believe doesn’t have a voice.  These people are suggesting that you approve a tax hike to help with the cost and the quest to improve transportation by increasing the cost of transportation; this formula doesn’t make sense.

Thinking of successful ways to raise revenue is a government’s dream, but it’s not for citizen-taxpayers.  Citizen-taxpayers should never agree to new taxes; that’s akin to a coup d’état in reverse.  The government is asking citizen-taxpayer to agree to two new tax increases by ballot proposition that are tied, as an emotional issue, to children’s education.  I’ll never agree to new taxes, but I will agree to a better management of our taxed revenue, responsible expenditure reductions, and reductions that aren’t tied to lowering of poor families’ quality of life.  Citizen-taxpayers must always hold the government responsibly and keep up a healthy suspicion of its overall operation.

I’m surprised to find that person who once was supporters of Occupy Memphis are now supporting an increase tax on poor people or increase tax period; these people are anarchist, visionaries, and intelligent; what happened?  I suppose #onlyinmemphis.