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He Wins; America Lose!

Romney and his gang have clearly divided Americans.  They’re campaigning on President Obama’s, so-called, misunderstanding of how “America’s economy works”, but in reality, their attitudes are typical 1%ers’ (Money of The United States of America).  They truly believe that 99%ers’ lives and energy belong to them and that President Obama just don’t get; he isn’t greedy; isn’t out to get all the money; and he’s out of his mind thinking that he should do something to help the 99%.  Romney and his gang know the middle class is a buffer between the rich and poor and must have pressure placed on them too.  In addition, they believe that President Obama is wealthy and is foolish for not being driven by a wish to become super rich while President of America.  The logic is: a man who doesn’t want to become super rich and who will not help the rich get richer while POTUS is a fool.