Post-Election Black Americans’ Challenge

Posted on November 11, 2012 by


Again, after another historic election that has the world spinning, about the great demise of Mitt Romney, another spinning is happening in the black American world.  Dr. Martin L. King name dropping among wannabe leaders is raging as we speak.  A strange thing about these so-called black leaders is they’ve no clue about the heart and soul of Dr. King, as they drop his name in hopes of qualifying their own agenda.  There’s one thing certain about Dr. King’s wonderful legacy that goes unnoticed by the vast population of black America; Dr. King never asked the government for anything; he simply used his power in the voice.  He never submitted a proposal or sought a grant or funding of any kind from government or philanthropist.  He went about his work and eventually, with the help of G’d, he saw victory and gain the love of his people – those who love peace.  Dr. King remained a common man, down on the earth like an ant in a mound, working for the common cause of everybody.  Do we have leadership like that of Dr. King today or are today’s so-called leaders the worst that has ever stepped down on the earth?  If one finds that question is up for reconciliation then, there’s a real problem with today’s black message.

The fundamental problem might very well result in a quest for mainstream lifestyle by these so-called leaders.  Their appetite is huge for things; they pretend to want a higher quality of life for the average person, but they’re looking to profit, monetarily.  These people aren’t sincere, they want money, acceptance in the big house, and they want empowerment over their brothers and sisters as they claim leadership.  Black Americans must reject them, all together, ,as imposters.

A historic ground swell of people from around the country rallying for justice.

Who’re these people who claim to lead black people without their approval?  Many of them haven’t any victory, in black America, to point to.  One of the oldest tricks that’s played on the black community is between the 1%ers and the conscienceless black, so-called, leader is to get the popular media behind the black person, then attempt to make him or her a leader without consent.  And, as they work to forge their, so-called, leadership they’ve nothing to offer, not ever an idea that would help their own people’s quality of life.  Many of them believe, in their hearts, that writing a book, making public speeches, or interviewing popular people are  ways to the leadership of black Americans, but they’ve forgotten or perhaps never knew that black people are intelligent.  It’s not their minds that got black people where ever they are today; altogether, it’s the mentality of black  Americans that did.

In their struggles of life, in America, through the centuries, G’d have made every black man and woman a leader within their own rights.  Black people would come together in righteousness regardless of the popular media black mouthpieces.  In other words, with the help of G’d, black people don’t need them.  There’re two kinds of Americans that black Americans haven’t asked of them for anything they’re white Americans and their media black mouthpieces.  Black Americans must reject the media’s attempt to give credit to media personalities, book writers, and politicians for their common victories, of any kind.  Black Americans are communicating in many ways different from the past; three decades of social media is responsible, in part, for improving America’s freedom and more specifically, black Americans’ freedom.  How petty is it for anyone, in modern times, to think the President of the United States would single out a group to create policies on their behalf only, even

if the group is about his own people?

The hard work of bottom-up grassroots politics, in many campaigns, creates disillusion and causes many to give up the fight for change or resort to top-down methods that only creates false power and another form of disillusion.  The only way to effect change, on the national level, is from a bottom-up process with the people’s consent in the form of a long hard drawn-out campaign, but most of these, so-called, leaders are lazy and they seek the easy way out by criticizing the POTUS.