Every American Must Stand Against Hate!

Posted on December 17, 2012 by


CASK whiteI’ve witnessed; a lifetime; that an outpour of hate is from white men; even today; they’ll deny that hate is more prevalent among them than anybody else in America.  I’m not sure; but it’s likely that thousands of years of white supremacy; a scheme; have finally taken its toll on their lives.  The epitome of any unnatural approach to a social structure is when members of that society attack, kill, and sacrifice their offspring.

As the majority rules in America; one must accept the fact their  ideas, views, and concept saturate the society like red ink would saturate a bottle of water.  America is a very young country; but she’s facing hate, from within, at a level that hasn’t been seen before now.  To save her; every American must speak with one voice against hate.

Yes, white men will deny they’re affected with this deadly sickness, but to generate a cure it’s up to them.  World history points to a many of nations that have failed and ultimately destroyed; because of their wickedness and hate; not one of them have survived or maintained their glory.  When confusion comes down on them; they seem to be unable to resolve their basic problem; harboring; within their hearts and would’ve nothing to do with the material.

During the last national election most Americans saw a mass of hatred oozing from the minds of white men without any civility; as if they were insane.  As their campaign forged ahead Americans appeared to adapt to their hate; but on Election Day America overwhelmingly rejected them.  She must reject them again with a new campaign against hatred.