Relentless War Against the POTUS

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POTUS Inauguration sworn in It’s sad that black Americans can’t get it together even when it comes to a single thing; the Presidency.  Their childish minds sometime elude one another into thinking they can actually see the big picture when in most cases they can’t.  What’s the big picture?  Some think jobs; but what jobs in a dying economy; an economy that’s changing from a mass labor one to one of high-tech and extreme high-tech.  The world has changed and black Americans have again been falling into the abyss of nothingness.  Most; truly believe that government help is the way to go; but think; how could that be?  Our nation is divided and Congress has been made into the enemy of the people (declaration of war) and the POTUS.  The POTUS don’t have the power to write a blank check nor can he create jobs without Congress.

Black Americans didn’t stand in long lines to vote because of President Obama; that’s what black Americans do.  They’ve the longest history in the nation that’s about fighting against anything and anyone who’s about denying them their rights as human beings.  By the way; that history goes back to pre-slavery days even before Cripus Attucks.

It’s one thing to be educated and another to own an education; it’s believed that in both instances one has to read and study books; in most cases Caucasian authored books.  But the truth is: black Americans’ advancements have come with the help from people with a minimal or no formal education.  What’s the point?  They were endowed with a deep sense of time and space; in other words; they knew what was actually happening to their people and who were responsible for the attacks and atrocities against them.  There hasn’t been one instance in history where black Americans charged a President until now.  Charges are coming to President Obama  from every quarter of society; attacks against him are relentless; they’re the most vicious; hate filled; and disrespectful in Presidential history.  The question is why?  After a period of Presidential election won by those of wealth status; this President came from the lowest of the low status which clearly is a freak incident.  And; election results statistics clearly show that he won his Presidency without the Caucasian (white) American male.  Which also means; historically; he’s fair game by both white men and a hand full of black Americans.  Again; SAD!

POTUS Inauguration