One of The Most Impressive Candidates for Chair of the SCDP in Decades: Mr. Bryan Carson

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Candidate for Shelby County Democratic Party Chairmanship

Candidate for Shelby County Democratic Party Chairmanship

The Shelby County Democratic Party‘s process is cranking again.  Every two years a new Chairman and Executive Committee members are voted into one of the most ineffective political organizations in years.  Let’s agree on the definition of an “effective” political organization – an organization that’s about the future, that helps shape policies through an election process, and that’s about increasing the quality of life for its members.  Now that we’ve an agreement, let’s take a look at the upcoming Shelby County Democratic Party Convention. 

Nearly half of the registered voters in Shelby County (Memphis) are democrats; If Memphis, Shelby County has one the worst employment problems in the country, then it’s a Democratic Party problem; poverty and crime is at a very high level; there aren’t any, positive, race relations; and Democrats are at the political helm.  There’s no need to point fingers; the facts stand alone. There is no need for more statistics; there’s a problem; and the Democrats are in charge.

What’s there to do?  Change the head and the body must follow.  That’s the best thing about party politics; every time a head is changed the party changes.  In party politics, there appears to be an opportunity for positive escalation.  Each time a new Chair is to be elected the party has an opportunity to pick the best candidate, in return, the party gets the highest and best value.

This time, without doubt, Mr. Bryan Carson is the best candidate.  He has a sensible vision that’s clearly in line with his abilities.  The SCDP is in desperate need of his plansdemologo.  Check out his platform for the next two years:  Develop a strong and consistent Democratic values messaging, recruit and activate more Democrats, register voters through a grassroots ward and precinct strategy, increase voter turnout, vet high quality Democratic candidates, and appoint a strong finance team that will focus on fundraising.  His catchphrase is:  “Moving Shelby County Democrats Forward.”  Democrats can’t ask for any more than that.  Mr. Carson has successfully capsulized the will, through his literature, of the common Democrat.

We shouldn’t see the various endorsements from elected officials as impressive, but his commitment to the county of Shelby and the city Memphis is a different story.  Another impressive thing about Mr. Carson is he’s a 21st Century thinker and has a powerful social media campaign that’s evident in his online and social connections, something the Shelby County Democratic Party is badly in need of, and should pick him base on this one very important ability. 

Bryan Carson's Endorsements

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