Did Memphis Marginalize the Klu Klux Klan or its Victims?

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On March 30th, the Klu Klux Klan came to Memphis and rallied about the name changes of several parks from confederate names to more palatable ones.  According to some

At this point people were required to remove everything from their pockets and searched.

At this point people were required to remove everything from their pockets and searched.

local news outlets, the numbers went something like: <1,200 of us versus <65 of them.  All news outlets then built their news stories around those numbers: we won; they lost.  Imagine, when terrorists are written about or televised, an enormous amount of footage and other content is given to visual support.  In other words, along with the terrorists’ identity come more footage and photos about the crimes they’ve commented.  Take Al Qaeda, Adolph Hitler, and other terrorists for an example; when they’re written or spoken about; their acts of hatred, terror, and crime are included in all news stories, with photo footage, except the Klu Klux Klan; they’re still, even unto this day, getting away with terror.

Two blocks away from the Klan's rally

Two blocks away from the Klan’s rally

How wrong is it to marginalize the deaths of thousands at the hands of America’s premier terrorist organization?  To reduce citizens’ responses to simple numbers is as low as the media can get.  The American people black, white, and others who have lived, die, and were attacked by the KKK desires much more.  Another crime, that’s committed by the media, politicians, and their supporters, have marginalize the KKK; to pretend, as if, their small numbers mean they haven’t any power is worse than marginalizing the victims.  The Klu Klux Klan of today, has built their reputation on the crimes committed today as well as those committed by their ancestors; they uphold the terror as a “badge of honor”; in other words, there’s continuity and there aren’t any breaks from the 1800 until now.

Hundreds of people simply walked away from the check -point.

Hundreds of people simply walked away from the check point.

The sad thing about the Klan’s Memphis visit is the general population decided to overlook them; to have parties and do fun things; the politicians and police department created defenses against the people who wanted to engage them; and the media decided to marginalize the Klu Klux Klan’s effect on their victims.  Based on this strategy, the KKK has an opportunity to meet in Memphis at least quarterly to recruit and rally.  Contrary to what the politicians, police, and the media think, the Klan has found a ripened city, based on its strange strategy, to protect and marginalize their effect on the population, more specifically, the black population.  The city, based on its strategy, committed suicide.

Reverend Joseph E. Lowery hit the nail on the head about the Klu Klux Klan:  Reverend Joseph E. Lowery has received several awards. The NAACP gave him an award at its 1997 convention for, “dean of the civil rights movement,” and Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also received the Martin Luther King Jr.Center Peace Award and the National Urban League‘s Whitney M. Young, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. Ebony has named him one of the 15 greatest black preachers, describing him as, “the consummate voice of biblical social relevancy, a focused voice, speaking truth to power.” Lowery has also received several honorary doctorates from colleges and universities including, Dillard UniversityMorehouse CollegeAlabama State UniversityUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville, and Emory University. Lowery was Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama on July 30, 2009.[5] He was also given the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute that year.[6]

In 2004, Rev. Dr. Lowery was honored at the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is this, one of the greatest show of police force ever, protection or is it suppression?

One of the greatest show of police force ever; does it protect or suppress the people’s will?