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The wolf River (foreground) and the Mighty Mississippi River!

The wolf River (foreground) and the Mighty Mississippi River!

Some people would say that politics is a dirty business; business; yes; but dirty; no!  Politics is about the future; one can see the future by what’s on the table via policies.  The best-managed communities have the best policies; communities that thrive and are productive are those with the best political systems; not who’s elected; but the overall system.  A broken political system; maybe; that’s why Memphis is bankrupted or near bankruptcy; is among the cities with the lowest quality of life; politicians aren’t held accountable; and her political leaders are beholding to the rich and their will.

If one doesn’t know that it’s broken; one won’t get it fixed.  That’s why it’s necessary to have a full inspection; a constant check for deteriorating parts and worn structures.  Politics is no different from any other functioning operation; periodically; a community’s political system needs evaluating.

The Party of Memphis!

The Party of Memphis!


Memphis’s political system has been broken as far back as the Mayor E. H. Crump era; her broken system worked well for those who didn’t want accountability; who wanted money and power; didn’t care about the city’s growth and development; and a vision for her didn’t come across their small minds.

Take into account; Memphis’s majority population is black citizens; it stands; that a broken system would work well for her minority population; but there’s a downfall.  The majority is also Democrat meaning Memphis is a Democrat; the catch is: who’s controlling the city’s treasure and who’s getting the money?  Would they be the minority?  In all practical purposes the answer would be yes!  In that; the broken political system of Memphis, Tennessee works.

To repair or fix this broken system an political evaluation has to be done; its findings must be respected; and a new smooth running system has to be accepted and appreciated.  An example of Memphis’s broken system is the way elections are held; the party system might be responsible.  The Shelby County Democratic Party is the master of the majority’s political will; they should decide an array of things that necessarily improve Democrats’ qualify of life; but that has never happened.  The SCDP is simply a stepping stone for candidates; most of the executive committee hasn’t a clue about their role in Democrats’ lives; the party system is about elections; after the elections the system withdraws into uselessness.

Memphians coming together; the Great Flooding of 2011.

Memphians coming together; the Great Flooding of 2011.

Inside the practical operation; once one is elected he or she doesn’t declare any political obligations to the party.  Meaning; they haven’t any political responsibility or accountability to the Democratic Party; they become free agents.  Officials don’t declare their political affiliations; it’s rare to read about an elected official with his or her political affiliation tagged.

Take the referendum on the proposed sales tax increase for Pre-K; the entire Democratic caucus; including the SCDP; has been mostly silent about its pros and cons; few of them has rendered an opinion in one way or the other; with such an important issue; wouldn’t these political leaders want to tell their constituency?

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It's really simple; vote AGAINST!

It’s really simple; vote AGAINST!