Dr. Flinn and the GOP have it all Wrong!

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Poor People in a LineSure, I’m passing on the Dr. Flinn’s piece, How the Government is Keeping Poor People Poor | George Flinn Cares, but he’s leaving out several very important Poor Woman Wrapped in Flagelements about the poor; especially the black poor; as most Republicans would do; he’s failing to mention that in addition to the dirty tax codes; poor blacks must deal with inequalities on a number of levels from healthcare to racial discrimination; they’re left with zero opportunities to start a business and keep it growing; and dumbing down black Americans is a pre-occupation of members in both parties; Dr. Flinn must accept the fact that his piece is simply a feel good – lift yourself up by your own bootstrap – choose me; I can help you save yourself because I care – illusion!

Dr. George Flinn

Dr. George Flinn

Dr. Flinn has pointed out something that’s as true as it can be, but again, he missed the mark; knowing the trade and commercial sector of Memphis and Shelby County he is also quite familiar with the plight of the poor and  middle classes of our area; he’s aware of the extreme difficulties that prevent black Memphians from playing an active role in creating jobs and holding up their fair share of the tax base; he also knows that; if; black Memphians were in a position to start businesses; they would create jobs; and would make a real contribution to our tax base; Dr. Flinn (a multimillionaire and a success entrepreneur) has presented to us; in his piece; the fundamentals of how Republicans think; he would like for Memphians to believe the government is our problem and the people would be better off if the government played a very minor role in our lives and corporate giants play the major role; in addition; he would like for Memphians to be believe that President Obama’s policies and directives are wrong and President Reagan’s trickle-down policies are right.

Homeless-And-Cold-Photo-By-Ed-Yourdon-440x332Dr. Flinn has thrown his hat into the local political arena; many times; he has crossed over as many times in search of Democrats’ support; his piece clearly shows that he’s not in touch with the poor and the middle classes; to suggest that poor people would do better and their quality of life would improve if the tax code was simplified is hypocritical at best; poor people are tired of this kind of political posturing; every election cycle politicians come out with all kinds of programs; new-found information; and plenty vote-for-me-I’ll-sat-you-free rhetoric.  The issues are yes jobs; better housing; inequality; living wages; better policing; redirect the city treasure from a corporate bailout posture to one that’s about the true growth of our city; clean neighborhoods; an investment in the city’s infrastructure; proper education for our children; and create a meaningful economic base to grow or attract businesses of the future.