Mayor of Memphis calls Citizen Lazy and Crazy!

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AC Wharton Amaro
Below is an exact copy of Mayor A.C. Wharton’s exchange, on Instagram, with a citizen.

 @ ] acwharton901 About to start operation #MemFix again!! We have a lot of complainers in our city but not a lot of Changers!! Let’s Fix Memphis instead of Complaining!   4d

  •  [@ ] chocolate_high30 How can I be ap
    The pond that brought the worst out of Mayor A.C. Wharton

    The lake that brought the worst out of Mayor A.C. Wharton

    art of #MemFix? Any volunteer committees?  4d

  •  [@ ] jayvol97 Well said mayor.  4d
  •  [@ ] msdiva17 Mayor Wharton, with all the money you have paid for the Green line and the salaries for Counsel members with no purpose. Why should working people volunteer to clean up Memphis. You have Public Works Department , Solid Waste and those Penal Farm Inmates You use on other outside cleaning jobs , everywhere but Memphis. I am still trying to get this pond drained and covered before some child drowns in it thinking that ice is hard enough to slide on it.  2d
  •  [@ ] acwharton901 You Regina, are a perfect example of a typical lazy, complaining Memphian. That pond couldn’t be that important or your neighborhood watch or YOU, would’ve fixed the pond yourself. Ask not what your city can do for you, ask what u can do for your city!! @msdiva17  2d
  •  [@ ] msdiva17 A. C. let’s get this straight I am not lazy , I am disable know but I worked 26 years as a Respiratory Therapist , but if you are paying people to do a job I seriously feel that they should be doing their job. You included , and to label me as lazy without knowing a thing about me is your way of not doing your job . Why in the world would I be digging and filling a pond? Would you ask your wife to do that, you have no respect for Memphis people. Ask your self what can you do for Black people in Memphis. How dare you ask citizens to dig up ponds placed by the city, then you be out charging them with some made up crime. We have departments in the city to take care of city ponds and overgrown grass on sidewalks and etc. with your lazy walking , sliding your feet , you should never call anyone lazy. Ask yourself what have you done for your city?  2d
  •  [@ ] msdiva17 @A, C . Wharton  2d
  •  [@ ] acwharton901 @msdiva17 I figured you were disabled, crazy or some type of mental illness. Therefore I will not proceed with this conversation. We see your problem is uncurable!! Be blessed @msdiva17  2d
  •  [@ ] msdiva17 I knew you was crazy , that is why I didn’t vote for you ; however. I didn’t know you were stupid too. Now you are a doctor , stupid is the only disease that we have no cure for. Do your job and stop trying to diagnose people, you will be in pea brain overload. Enjoy your day. @cwharton901  1d
  •  [@ ] msdiva17 Judge Jayne Chandler  1d


 acwharton901 @msdiva17 “I figured you were disabled, crazy or some type of mental illness.”  

Dr. Martin Luther King's "Mountain Top Monument"

Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Mountain Top Monument”

It’s hard to believe that a Mayor of a powerful city would make such an outlandish statement about a citizen of his community.  In a brief exchange on Instagram Mayor A.C. Wharton, Memphis, Tennessee faced a challenge from Ms. Regina, who wanted the city to give attention to a lake in her neighborhood.  Ms. Regina had approached the city several times in the past about her issue, but nothing was done nor did she get a response.  In her frustration, she might’ve overreached as any citizen would’ve under the same set of circumstances.  As Mayor Wharton wants to kick off his annual project, Memfix, his frustration with Ms. Regina was far outside of the norm.  He insulted her in ways that would’ve destroyed a woman with less strength.  In their exchange, the Mayor was brutal and callous, he failed in every sense of the word.   It’s likely the Mayor didn’t realize that, within his power, addressing Ms. Regina as he did, he was also addressing all citizens.  The Mayor failed again, he forgot the very essence of his duties to a citizen, who is his employer.

As Americans are giving up on political leaders across the country because of their lies, arrogance, and sensitivities the Mayor’s attitude is in-line with those who fall into shame because of their unprofessional conduct.  Perhaps, Mayor Wharton is unaware of the power that common men and women possess and thought his ugly statements would be hidden from the broader community, but social media is a powerful tool that reminds us that our words are our bond and are our destruction.  The above exchange between the Mayor and Ms. Regina is one that most likely would’ve never reached the public’s eye, but not in this case.  Ms. Regina qualified herself as a productive member of the community. She clearly stated, that she had served the community in a professional capacity for 26 years.  But that didn’t stop the Mayor’s onslaught, he continued his challenge. 

Irate citizens are expected, from time to time, but the Mayor should and must always represent the best of our city.  There are thousands of citizens who make negative statements about the city, but there are thousands more who make positive statements about the city.  Then again, there are those who make no statements about the city.  If citizens are complaining en masse that’s a sign of something, isn’t it?  Mayor Wharton, his administration, and the Council need an attitude adjustment, they should be more professional.