Propaganda, Coup de’etat, and Representative Democracy!

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Poor Woman Wrapped in FlagThere’s a fundamental difference in America’s representative democracy and other democracies as well as how democratic politics apply to our lives; simply; politics is about the future and how to get there; over the years; our political processes have maintained a level of public confidence and our laws have to protect the election process; other political processes are notorious as to coup d’etats and propaganda.

Without rules of order; other political processes; in many instances; would result in bloodshed and lost of life; their politicians thirst for power force a tremendous push unlike anything we’re accustom to seeing.

An invitation to non-natives into representative democracy should always be met with skepticism and should never be placed in the background; it must always apply as relevant when dealing closely with immigrants; we can’t afford another historic setback simply because of our wish to work with people from other nations; their intent is everything.

Most immigrants are in America for a better way life; they’re not here to love America or Americans; including African-Americans; to the world we’re all Americans; the difference is: they can only settle among African-Americans.

Be aware of immigrants as they attempt to enter our political system; this might sound harsh but it’s necessary.  Many of them see nothing wrong with presenting false information as fact; sounds familiar; they call the lie propaganda; however; our process has facts check; a single misleading message could destroy a candidate’s campaign.

The Party of Memphis!

The Party of Memphis!

What’s propaganda; but a low-tech approach to deception. Is it effective?  Only among the uneducated populace; as a representative democracy; we seek an educated voting block; candidates during an election cycle might act as teachers; they explain to voters the office they hope to win; the views they might have about the future; their qualifications; and the election process.  This’s a powerful reminder of the difference between a low-tech political process and a representative democracy.  In reality; it’s our duty as citizens to protect our process against anyone who might try to interject misleading information then openly declare it as propaganda.

Most people aren’t knowledgeable about Robert’s Rule of Order; a book that leads our political systems across the country; its primary purpose is to help organizations get through their meeting with as little disruption as possible; to help organize in a respectable way; and among other things; help support the respect and dignity of the process and its participants.  In low-tech political processes; around the world; every opportunity is taken to usurp authority and advance the coup d’état.  Coup d’etats are notorious in other nations; when a leader leaves his or her domain it’s likely a coup is formulating; this ridiculous action happens from the lowest level of organization to their heads of state.OBC LOGO

Let’s look at a very simple process of organizing as applied by Robert’s Rule of Order: the Chairman has the privilege to create committees; the first person appointed is usually the committee’s Chairman or the Chairman could appoint whom he or she pleases; the committee doesn’t have the authority to fire or replace the Chair; the Chair of the committee serves at the pleasure of the Chairman of the organization.  Nevertheless; in all organizations there’s the disruptive elements; the un-educated; and those whom would follow; without knowledge; those whom they believe is the strongest.  This’s why RRO is an important guide for order and respect; without it; in some cases; there could be bloodshed and war.

Whenever there’s an important meeting the very first and best step is to adopt a rule of order.  So far; the rule of order that has stood the test of time is Robert’s Rule of Order.Photo0786

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