Memphis/Shelby County Black on Black Politics: Voting to Destroy Self!

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Shelby County Blacks role in the South Rising Again

Shelby County Blacks’ role in the South’s Rising Again









Sure, we’re living in a free country, but our politics are as different as the sun and the moon.  Over the last few years, our political views have reached the extremities unlike any other period in our  nation’s history.  Among black Americans, we’ve lived through an ecliptic period that forced us to shift from Republican to Democrat, similar to crossing the desert during its hottest period without food and water.  But, America survived and we’re still fighting for our political lives.  The shift was initiated by the Republican Party’s conservative agenda.  An agenda that has very little regard for black Americans.  On the other hand, the Democratic Party created the New Deal, which also created a monumental shift in party affiliation that was as great of a shift as the power shift from the south to the north during the Civil War, that gave way to the ancient cliché, “The South shall rise again”!  What’s the role of southern black Americans in the Republican Conservatives’ rising of the South?