Memphis Black Republicans Posing as Democrats: Are They Effective?

Posted on August 4, 2014 by


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Shelby Countians are preparing to execute the largest election in decades;  some are saying in history.  The stake in this election has been high; for decades the county has run virtually on E. H. Crump era politics.  The Republican officials, there has been only 1 or 2 Democrats who have won a countywide election, have been brutal to say the least.  Their policies have bankrupted the county, caused insurmountable family dysfunctions, overcrowding in jails, overpowering the criminal justice systems, dozens of federal jail violations, an oppressive juvenile court system that’s linked to dozens of federal violations, a poverty rate that’s the highest in the nation, an unemployment rate among black Shelby Countians hovering near 50%, poor roads and overpasses, a broken infrastructure, lowest paid teachers in Tennessee, poor police and fire relations, and overall, a poor management grade across the board including corruption.  Yet, they’re lined up to continue their destructive patterns.Democratic Ballot 001

The best opportunity for Shelby Countians to change is to replace these people with a progressive group who care about Memphis and Shelby County.  That’s why the Democratic ticket is so appealing.  The same old destructive group or a new bunch to effect the change that’s needed to move our area forward into the 21st Century.  It’s not easy getting the change when the old way of doing business is all about corruption and malfeasance.  Don’t forget we’re referring to a system created by E.H. Crump.

Well, Thursday is the day when we return to the polls so that our voices are heard.  You have a choice, you can return the old Crump system or vote in a new political vision.  There are a few candidates and nominees that would give to us our chance for new opportunities and advancements.

We understand and accept there’s a tremendous effort to turn Democrats into Republicans; in almost every race black democrats are crossing over joining the Republicans.  None of them can give an explanation as to why.  Even after being made aware of the Republicans’ hate of President Barack Obama.

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Example, in the race for congress, Ricky Wilkins joined the Republicans, he crossed over to Judge Joe Brown’s opponent, a hard-line right-wing Republican conservative.  His conduct is unbecoming of a potential congressional Democrat.  He hasn’t taken this opportunity seriously, in fact, he has Democratic Ballot 3 001squandered it away.  The fact that he has attended a Republican fundraiser and made a financial contribution is an act against the Democratic Party’s principles, policies, is distrustful, and could lead to a disaster in Congress.  Ricky Wilkins isn’t ready for this level of politics, his actions prove he’s over his head.