As the Blood Flows

Posted on December 8, 2014 by


If blood flows in the streets of America the flow was started by the #KillerCops, the racist #GOP, #TeaParty, #KKK, and #RightWingConservatives. They’re striking up the fear that’s forcing poor, white, and ignorant Americans to buy guns by the millions, while their gun making friends stroll to bank. It’s obvious, these people are willing to sacrifice millions of lives for profit, to establish a false right, and to extend their dead Nazi philosophy. Though they’re wanting to ignite a new Civil War, these criminals would fail as their ancestors did long ago. Their rallying cry, “The south shall rise again!” is simply bullshit. THERE IS NO NORTH AND SOUTH! America is one nation. As Americans awake to see them as they are, a small group of lying scums, they’ll run them out of America and back to caves where they come from. They’ve lost the battle for America and have nowhere to turn. That’s freaking them out!

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