Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder Missed the Mark in Memphis

Posted on December 9, 2014 by


Out going USAG avoids the real issue (#KillerCops) for a discussion on police and blacks relationship, helping black boys cope with a lack of education, jobs, and a decent quality of life, while touting the POTUS’s My Brother’s Keeper organization. I’m simply exhausted from the years of listening and hoping that one of these so-called high profiled initiatives presented by these high profile negroes would get off the ground and really do something worthwhile, to no avail.

Why would the USAG visit Memphis, a city that has the largest number of police killings in country, then refuse to address this deadly issue with the fire that’s needed to bring real change? Instead, he tiptoed around the issue like a ballerina.

Nevertheless, he was greeted by the top negro politicians, but a lot more important, he was greeted by a small group of Memphis protesters. These protesters deserve all of the attention, while the politicians are trying to look good and harness browny points.

The USAG is playing politics with our young boys lives, we don’t need to hear from him or any other politician about how to get over injustice, hate, oppression, and persecution. He needs to stop these killer cops, arrest these KKK terrorists, fight them under the terrorist act, and use his powers to uphold the U.S.A. Constitution.