Understanding the Congressional Committee of Tennessee, Inc.

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The 9th Congressional District of Tennessee is among the poorest congressional districts in the country. This district consists of a black population that’s approximately 70%, it’s highly likely that lower wages and a lack of employment is the culprit in the city’s high crime and violence rate as well. Memphis is the county seat and is where the 10th largest population of African-Americans reside.

Talut El-Amin, Photographer, May 16, 2011

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The above demographics are precisely the reason why Congress gerrymandered the 9th Congressional District for black representation. Several years ago, black leaders and voters decided this process was no longer needed, electing the first Caucasian in approximately 50 years. Leaving the district without its purpose, per their action, the voters also concluded the new “black” is “white’. 9th CCT LogoThis pattern would continue until today, Memphis voters elected this year, for the first time in 20 years, a white mayor. Two of the most important elected positions are now headed by the “the new black, white”. Unfortunately, there’s only one way to discuss Memphis politics that’s in black and white. Memphis is unique in several major ways one only has to turn to her demographics to understand what makes her tick. How does the 9th CCT play a role in Memphis’ political equation?

After decades of families that controlled her local politics, Memphis is in need of a new political direction. Individual members of these families have had several high level political official corruption indictments. Most were charged from influence peddling to conspiracy to defraud the government, which left a tremendous vacuum in black leadership. Poor Woman Wrapped in FlagThe destruction of black leadership coupled with nearly zero black businesses and poor jobs creation, Memphis has actually managed to spiral down to one of the poorest economies in the country. It’s incumbent upon the citizens of Memphis to search for new leaders, those who possess the wisdom and knowledge that are necessary and needed to build a future for the city. The discovery leadership isn’t easy and most diffidently isn’t a task for individuals. Several strong grassroots organizations and others must come together as a coalition to work on a process.  A process that would work to encourage young citizens into politics, business, culture, and other social constructions.
A Day and The MississippiWithout proper direction, populations tend to go into directions that work against their best interest. Important issues are addressed in confusion and in many cases, dilution. Harnessing good information would require the coalition’s efforts in areas of data and neighborhood intelligence. These two areas would guarantee the very best approach to community issues per a search for the proper resolutions. How important is the 9th Congressional Committee of Tennessee? A decision that’s worthy of your input!

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