To Ourselves What is Due?

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Me, Muhammad, and Adonis

Three Generations Interrupted by Murder

From the greatness of freedom to slavery; then on to freedom again; and on to more suffering; shame; and death; the question is: what happened in the process and where did we; as a nation of people; fail? Actually; it’s rather simple to find the answer; most of us have lived through the end part of the process and know very well how we’ve gotten to were we are; we decided a couple of decades ago that money; materialism; and success were greater than FAMILY; when the corporate power structure open the valves to those opportunities we drank the fluids; we stopped our pondering over the will of G’d Almighty and substituted for buildings about religion and words about religious leaders; our children became unwanted burdens and resentments; they kept the parents away from their heart’s desire; wealth; that was just a carrot on a stick held in front of a jackass’s mouth who is pulling a heavy load; another question; is G’d Almighty punishing us? No! We’re punishing ourselves; G’d didn’t disconnect us away from our ancestors; we did that; G’d didn’t beckon us into materialism; we did that; G’d didn’t engulf into the wind of hate; we did that; nor did G’d order us to murder and slaughter; we did that too.

CASK white

Crispus Attucks Memory

Now we’ve become too weak to be recognized as men and women; the world has all but accepted that we’re of no use; but brute servants and laborers without any qualities of humanity; think; in most societies a single murder rises to the level of crises; but among us hundreds and thousands of murders at our hands don’t; we only pay lip service and create phrases like “Black on black crimes”; “Stop the killing”; “Senseless killings”; and “Black lives matter; but we don’t possess the power; within our brains; to govern; to take charge of our lives; to provide safe environments for our women and children; nor to combat those who thrive on violence and murder; most of us believe and accept the false idea that white people must save us or that some force from the sky is going to come and save us; the truth is: the only saving of our lives would come from our own minds and hands; G’d Almighty is Prefect; there’s nothing to be corrected about His will; if there are problems within our lives we must correct them; with the help of G’d Almighty.


Muhammad Ibn Talut El-Amin’s Vigil; Ibn was murdered February 8, 2016

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