Del Gill is More Than Qualified to be Elected Chairman of Shelby County Demomocratic Party.

Posted on May 1, 2016 by


Del GillUnder the Kathryn Bowers administration, we did the unthinkable: got an office; a secretary; and a phone creating a working environment that led the party in the right direction; but half the Executive Committee placed their commitment into “party strongman leadership”; look at where that has gotten the party? In addition; later Chairpersons with little or no knowledge of the rules of order have fallen face down under the overwhelming pressure of the party’s lack of knowledge.

It’s really sad to hear a few people at the head of leadership calling for the surrounding of the party’s charter; the problem is brain power and a lack of vision; S.C.D.P. represents over 200,000 registered Democrats; but the Executive Committee doesn’t know its power; it started here:…/-TN-09-33-of-all-voters-180-000…

The Shelby County Democratic Party. must come to grips with a hard reality; Del Gill is good for the party; he’s a man who understands its history, rules, operation, and meaning; nevertheless the mission of those who’ve hijacked the party is to continue their power by discounting his contributions as a crazy man; Del understands that governing isn’t easy; that party politics is heavy lifting; everything else is “bullshit” and nothing but the braying of asses;

To divide and conquer will never fail; it works over and over again; to divide the party and conquer it; is but a windfall and booty for those whose mission is power and money; but who never think about the political outcome and fallout of Democrats; those who’re black and poor; to rob the party is truly the killing of our changes to succeed or at least attain a few simple dreams.

Knowing the truth about S.C.D.P. could help lead the party into the future and prosperity; but racism; black on black hatred; the power-hungry; and ignorance would make it very difficult to rebuild the party; the Republican Party is looking strong and powerful; her people are living better lives; but the Democrats are always hungry and pitiful; our party is simply a de facto Republican scrap barrel.

Those who would suggest to surrender the charter and to rebuild is also leading the party in the wrong direction; it’s likely they would finish off the Democrats once and for all; thereby totally removing this speck of blue in the far-reaching corner of Tennessee; don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting that’s the plan of anybody; but the outcome is obvious; the very best solution is to have a political war within the party for its soul and its people.


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