About Memphis Wireblog

Memphis is a city on the great Mississippi River and shares its borders with Arkansas and Mississippi.  As the seat of this area, she is posed for a constant growth in many areas like commerce, culture and tourism, education, health care, political, etc.;  another area of growth that’s, unfortunately, far too high is crime.

Memphis’s Metro Statistical Area is home to about 1,500,000 people.  Memphis Wireblog is created to discuss these social and economic concerns by informing our blogging friends of news from an untraditional angle.  Sometimes, you’re find stories about events outside of the Memphis area.  Most of our news stories would be short, less than 1000 words, similar to headlines.  We hope to become advocates of the above issues in an enlightened and simple way.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help make this news wire service a fun and positive institution: please contact the administrator by completing the form below. Get started with your comment and subscription. Select your role from the drop-down box in the form.  Your skills would very much be appreciated.

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