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Mayor of Memphis calls Citizen Lazy and Crazy!

January 26, 2014 by


acwharton901  AC Wharton Amaro Below is an exact copy of Mayor A.C. Wharton’s exchange, on Instagram, with a citizen.  [ @ ] acwharton901 About to start operation #MemFix again!! We have a lot of complainers in our city but not a lot of Changers!! Let’s Fix Memphis instead of Complaining!   4d  [@ ] chocolate_high30 How can I be ap art of #MemFix? Any volunteer committees?  4d  [@ ] jayvol97 Well said mayor.  4d […]

Dangerous Game: MPD and Memphis Politics

September 29, 2011 by


What happens to a city when its institutions lose respect for its leaders?  What happens to a city when its leaders fail to respect its institutions?  Don’t answer these questions its unimaginable the outcome.  As citizens of Memphis, this great and historic city, we can’t stand-by and watch her die.  It’s our civil and moral […]

Where’s #14: The Cleanest Fire House in Memphis?

August 28, 2011 by


Of all the things that’s great about a city; the number one attraction would be fire trucks; weaving their way through traffic; their sirens blasting; engine rev, and the men aboard staring straight ahead as on a ride with destiny.  And, if that’s not enough to grab one’s attention; these huge trucks would shine like new money.  […]

Black Family, Homosexuality, and Memphis: What’s in The Mix, Really?

May 11, 2011 by


This is a real and interesting topic; when I posted several days ago, “If there is a devil then, he lives in Memphis.” I told the truth.   Almighty God allowed me to discover the devil and who it is.  I’ll tell you its identity at a later day and time but now, let’s talk about […]